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EoI Update

Dec 2005 - Website and trailer unveiled.  Distribution Quest begins!

Sep 2005 - EoI screens for one of its hometowns at the Oxford Film Festival in Oxford, Mississippi

June 2005 - EoI premieres triumphantly at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago

May 2005 - EoI completes its trim and ready for the world

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The Film

Watch the TrailerSYNOPSIS

In September, 2000, Brown & Elias, a national advertising firm, hired sociologist-filmmaker Darren McDaniel and cameraman Jim Anthony Rich to collect documentary-style "found footage" for a top secret new ad campaign. The firm sent the duo to tiny Irwin, Texas, on a mission to capture "the essence of Irwin" and its people. [more]

The town is a goldmine of peculiarities, and the question on everyone’s lips is: Why Irwin? Four months later, when the corporate set descends upon Irwin to unveil their mystery product, the events that unfold prove to be the most surreal of all. Tables turn mo re than once as the underdogs take a pounding but struggle to get the last bark.

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Essence of Irwin - Spread the Word

Essence of Irwin - Spread the Word

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